Can't recover - masterkey is missing

I seems to me that I made a big mistake. I wanted to generate a Tresor of a folder.
When I created the Tresor I had to choose a folder. Obviously I thought Cryptomator would crypt the choosen folder. Afterwards I figured that all the data in the choosen folder were available. Therefore I copied all the data in the Tresor.
In other words, I obviosly copied the masterkey etc. in the Tresor. Then I closed the Tresor and the masterkey can’t be found by Cryptomator.
Is there a chance to get my data back?
Your help is very much appreciated!!!



thanks for your reply. In my case, the masterkey file is obviosly in the tresure, therefore I do not have access to it.
And I have no recovery key unfortunately. Is there a chance to get my data back?

As said in my 1st linked post: no.
You need a recovery key to recreate your masterkey file.

ok, I understand. I just thought, may be there is a way to get access to the masterkey which I copied in the Cryptomator vault.