Cannot open vault

Buy a new pc, Install the latest version 1.6.10 of cryptomator. But it is not possible for me to open any vault. It does not report any error, it just appears as if you entered an incorrect password.
But the password is correct, it worked fine on my previous computer
My new pc is windows 10 home

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

if the password window shakes, the entered password is incorrect. There is nothing to talk about this.

Did recheck your password after entering by clicking on the eye button next to the password field?

Additionally, on a different computer/OS/keyboard, you might have to change the input method of the password. E.g., on Windows, if you want to enter a single caret (^), you need to hit the key twice and delete one caret afterwards.

Thanks for your answer,
Something strange happens. I have more than 30 vaults, some vaults if I can open them but others not. and they all have the same password
what could happen?

I can only guess here. One possible cause is, that someone else changed the password for the vaults, which cannot be unlocked anymore. Or replaced the masterkey file with a different one.

I wonder if it’s possible that you had two versions of each vault that were supposed to be sync’d among two locations (pc and cloud), but sometime in the past that sync was lost (maybe something changed on the connection to the cloud account) but you never noticed it at the time. So you kept updating the version of the vault that cryptomator was connected to and crucially maybe (?) you changed the password of the vaults along the way. Then when you went to set up your vault on your new pc, you grabbed the vault from the location where the non-current version of the vault was stored (the version that never had the password updated).

If you have access to any other versions/copies of those same vaults, it might be worth looking at those to see if your current password works on those. If not, maybe you remember some older passwords to try out on the vaults you have.

That’s just a thought fwiw, I may be way off base.