Cannot open encrypted files

I had a crash on my PC and using cryptomator with dropbox.
Since the crash I cannot open any encrypted files, I do have the 2 folders m and d.
I did re-install cryptomater but still no luck.
If I open an existing vault it will only show my master key and folders m and d in it.
I can create new vaults without any problem but urgently need to decrypt my old files.
Can somebody please assist.
Thank you

To re-add an existing vault to Cryptomator, you need to choose the masterkey file in the “open” dialog. Afterwards you should be able to enter your password and access your files.

If I lost masterkey file, can I create new nad open existing file in folders d and m?

Sorry, but no. The masterkey is unique. The only chance you have as restoring the old masterkey from a backup. Either by renaming the .bkup file that Cryptomator creates in your vault directory, or from the version history of your cloud storage provider if you have any.

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