Basic usage on iPhone/iPad?


purchased the iOS app and tried to use it. Questions:

  1. any way to use the fingerprint sensor to unlock vaults via the keychain?

  2. vaults get always locked after the given time in the settings. Is that the meaning of that option? And thus, that is the only way it gets locked automatically?

  3. is this the intended workflow? I did not find a better one and at first did not get it at all (however it is 1am):

Edit File (e.g. pages):
1. open vault in cryptomator app
2. Tab on pages document
3. share button -> copy to pages
4. open pages and edit document
5. in pages share button -> send copy

Please tell me I am overseeing something.

I did not yet check my other clouds on google and one drive. But just thinking about if I could use Cryptomator on my onenote notebooks I would say that is not possible, right? However, this could also be caused by Microsofts way to handle them. They are stored as http links on onedrive.

Guys, you definitely need some better documentation – at least I did not find any. Get some PDFs together, please.

Hope to get some insight to the questions above.

Push this up again. Could you please provide some insight? Currently I assume the following:

  1. Fingerprint not supported yet.

  2. Vaults lock by fixed time.

  3. This is still most puzzling to me. I understand now that one cannot directly open and save files from pages, numbers etc. from/into Cryptomator vaults. So I copied a pages file with “Copy to pages”. Then if one has iCloud enabled the decrypted file gets automatically copied to iCloud. Not good. So I deactivated iCloud and did the same again. Now I change the pages file and copy it back to Cryptomator with same filename, I confirm overwriting the existing copy. But: in Cryptomators vault there exists still the old version of the file? I need to change the name.

This means:
a. if I don’t want to have decrypted files in iCloud, I am forced to deactivate it
b.I cannot open files directly from cryptomator from applications but instead I need to create a working copy from Cryptomator first and then another copy of the changed file in Cryptomator?

Hi Tom.
Your question 1)
Yes it is supportet. If you have a vault mounted, go to settings -> Touch ID and just activate the general function and for each vault set your password once this enables you also to use your fingerprint for different vaults with different passwords. Passwords are stored safely in the apple keychain.

Your question 2)
Your are right. This is the only way to close vault automatically after a period of time. The vault is locked also if you do it manually and if you close the app by killing the task.

Your question 3)
Yes, direct access is not possible. Download the file, change it and upload it again. This is basically the process. (On iOS) Unfortunately I can’t reproduce your expiriance that after upload the file is still the old one. It works fine for me. So I can’t help you out with that. This needs a look from one of the admins/developers here.

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Addition to 1)

  1. great, thanks.

  2. To the team: Feature request, enhance the lock options of vaults:

    • option “never”
    • option “lock when device is locked” (in addition to the time options)
  3. I checked it with my iPad and iPhone. From pages after changing the local copy, I choose to copy to Cryptomator (see Shot). I choose “yes” and dialog closes. In Cryptomator the file is unchanged. Are you sure this exact use case works for you?

Question to cryptomator team: is it technical feasible by architecture to work on files in the vault directly (on iOS)? Will we see this sometime in the future?

Topic 2
"Lock when device is locked".

Maybe this will fit your needs.
Change settings to “sofort” instead of a time period. Then the vault will be locked instantly locked either if your phone locks itself or if you lock it manually

Works fine for me.

Thanks, but this also locks when switching apps. So especially in the use case of editing a file in another app this is cumbersome. OK, the fingerprint which I know about know helps a bit but I would prefer an unlock as long as I work on the device (in my hands) and auto lock it when I put the device away.

Think of the use case that someone shares his iPad (inside family) but still wants to decrypt personal data – not my use case but possible. Or if someone spies the unlock PIN and graps the device while the owner put it down and went away.

Would be nice if any of the iOS developers here could give some feedback on the write / copy issue. Would like to discuss if the workaround I have in mind is feasible.

Thanks and best regards.

regarding 2) We have thought about adding “never” as an option but decided against it. :sweat_smile: Unfortunately, we can’t add “lock when device is locked” either because we’re unable to detect the screen lock event. I’ve done some research and there seems to be the possibility using undocumented notification keys which is considered private API by Apple. Implementing that would mean a risk of being rejected in the App Store.

regarding 3) Oh my. That’s actually a bug. I’ve moved it up to milestone 1.2.6 because it got out of my mind when I was busy in the last couple of weeks.

Edit: A more feasible solution for “working on files directly” would be this feature request. I admit it’s a long-standing issue but it’s quite hard to get it right due to the encryption.

(2) “never” really makes no sense when the device lock does not lock the vault. I agree to that. To bad apple does not support this event. I guess there also is no switch-on event? This would effectively have the same effect IMHO.

(3) good to know. Maybe I can get used to the copy / write behavior if the file replace on the vault works :wink:

Don’t you think it would be feasible to to use Cryptomator as a dedicated location in the apps itself (like pages, numbers, etc). If I would like to prevent that copies of decrypted files are getting stored in iCloud then I need to deactivate it. Any idea how it can be achieved to use both iCloud sync of apps and access to files in the vault (even as local copies)?

Pages offers a WebDAV connection as location – could this be a way to access files in the vault?

Sorry, I’ve edited my post afterwards. Maybe you haven’t seen the feature request with “open” and “move” app extensions yet. That’s definitely something that we’re going to look into. We just didn’t get the hang of it yet.

Btw, WebDAV won’t work on iOS because you can’t run a WebDAV server locally that is available from other apps. So many restrictions. :laughing:

Right, I did not see the edit :stuck_out_tongue:

The Document Provider Interface looks quite promising.

Hope to see some progress here :wink: Not just for me – I really think this is a general obstacle for many users and it would be too bad if this distracts people from this great project :thumbsup:

Yes, add my name to the list…

Trying to use CM and word / excel / PDF as replacement for Onenote but since I make most of my edits on my iPhone / iPad, this is proving harder than I thought. A lot of exporting / editing / reimporting / deleting. Forget just one step, and the result is either leaving a sensitive file unprotected in iCloud, or not saving the updated version.

Another issue is finding the right file… but that’s a different issue.