Backing up vault

I have tried using a couple of different backup products on my PC. When my vaults are open (not encrypted) none of the software recognizes the vault like any other normal drive. Only my “c” drive & external hard drive are recognized. Is that normal?

I assume this is because of the user management of cryptomator.

I am using Personal Backup to do my backups into my vaults without any problems, regardleff if using WebDAV or Dokany.
Offtopic: I am using this tool also to sync the encrypted files to my own Website Hoster via FTP for use as WebDAV storage)

I am using Duplicati to create a local backup from a Vault on Google Drive. Vault opened, and then backup to a local Bitlocker drive - so that my files are always stored encrypted. Works fine. (Alternatively you can store on a local vault or use Duplicatis encryption option.)