Automatically syncing to the cloud

I’m new to encryption. Here’s what I want to do:

Have several folders on my android device that’s automatically encrypted and then synced to Google drive (for example). Any time a new item is added to these folders or removed - I want that to be synced as well as encrypted before uploading.

What’s the easiest way to do this? I’ve never been so confused :joy:

I’d also like to access these from other locations (desktop). For this I assume I just need the master key file and the master password? I noticed the master key gets added to Google drive when creating a vault on there, seems weird to me.

The data in your cryptomator app is accessed directly on your cloud. So all you have to do is to put the files into the cryptomator app and your selected vault. Then they are stored encrypted and online.

You need to sync all encrypted files to you desktop eg via google backup and sync app. Then you’ll have to install Cryptomator, ad an existing vault, and select the masterkey file that you find in you local vault-folder.

Please read here: Why is the masterkey stored in the cloud?