Adding Support for Touch ID

This post is in favor of Cryptomator implementing the following capability on Mac computers with a keyboard that contains a Touch ID button with the corresponding software installed. Pressing the Touch ID button with their fingerprint would enable an authorized user to open their Cryptomator Vault without having to manually enter the Vault’s password. The Vault would open only after the user’s fingerprint matched the fingerprint registered for the user; no other fingerprints would open the Vault This Touch ID feature works successfully on many Mac computers for the purpose of authorizing IDs, passwords, payments and for other purposes that require secure identification of the user.

Enabling the Touch ID to open a Cryptomator Vault is no different than enabling Face ID to open the Cryptomator Vault on Apple iOS devices - iPhones and iPads. At present, Face ID opens Cryptomator Vaults on iOS devices and, in a similar manner, Touch ID would open the Vaults on MacOS computers. As a user of these devices, I would find that using Touch ID to open my Cryptomator Vaults on my Mac would be a major improvement in using Cryptomator.

Any Cryptomator user who may be concerned about the security of Touch ID on a Mac should never implement this feature in MacOS. And, they should likewise disable Face ID on their iOS iPhone and iPad. And, they should never store their Cryptomator password in the Apple Keychain. Users who have security concerns have total control over the implementation or rejection of these features on their devices. These security-concerned users can set up their devices to open their Cryptomator Vaults only by entering their password and through no other way. The security issue is totally up to each user to determine the way their Cryptomator Vaults are accessed and protected.



Feature Request
here: [Feature Request] Password manager support in iOS app - #5 by tobihagemann
and here: [Suggestion] Add Touch ID support to the Mac App - #2 by Michael

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Fully agree. I have just started using Cryptomator. Authentication in the IOS App is a breeze with face recognition but authentication on my Macbook is a pain - especially as this app deserves a very secure password rather than relying on keychain access (which is only as secure as your everyday Macbook login password).

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