1.5.0: Sync error - path name too long

Hi all,

I just migrated my vault with 1.5.0. Now I get a sync error which I haven’t experienced before: path name too long (exceeding 260 characters).


I count 208 characters which is really astonishing since I do not have a filename which is that long in my vault. Each filename is below 140 characters. It seems that the filenames get longer (in this case up to 70 additional characters) with the encryption.

In my case: The directories (3 levels) add another 30 characters. Thus, I have less than 180 characters for the path in sum which is well below 260 characters.
But for the vault I end up with the error message path name is too long so that more than 80 charaters seem to be added to the original names.

I created a quick testcase:
123TEST.txt => Dl7Q6p4OhnI0kqCh9hrOj2OpL7MzIQpN_vgd.c9r
11 => 40 which is almost 4 times…

Is this the intended behaviour? Or am I on the wrong track?

Thank you,

It is inevitable that ciphertext names are longer than cleartext names.

If you’re interested in the maths and the rationale on how long file names we deem acceptable, head over to this post:

Addendum: There is a feature-request on our issue tracker asking for a user-set file name limit. (Since Cryptomator flattens the directory structure, it is can been quite similar.)

Thanks for your replies!

However, from a user perspective there needs to be a way to use cryptomator without beeing an expert and without spending too much time in implementing the tool.

Although I work in software business in this case here I am merely kind of a user. I recognized that many other users report similar issues. I just link another one here for reference: Verzeichnisname zu lang - Synchronisationsfehler

And I am very glad seeing you working on a solution. Thank you!