Will the direct apk download option be updated?

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I am using Cryptomator on my CopperheadOS hardnend Android device which has no Google Play Service option what so ever. Thus I install apps usually with F-Droid or via apk downloads. As you went 1.0 I am under the impression the beta 0.7.0 won’t receive any updates in the future. Especially as you describe the IOS and Android apps as open core products. Is that so? Or are there other plans to get non official builds through other means?


From https://cryptomator.org/android/#apk-download

Cryptomator for Android is currently not available for purchase as APK download.
We’re working on it. In the meantime, you can download the latest beta version.

Currently, we have no plans to update the beta version but it’ll continue to run until we have worked out our own infrastructure for selling apps. Thank you for your patience!


You can give users codes to the app, so long as you’re willing to find a way of coordinating a way to confirm that they’ve donated to cryptomator on the main site.

And in the cases that they are willing to use the Play Store but not give payment details, such as @emilanese64.

As for those who own a debit card, they can use Privacy.com for an extra layer of protection.

Actually, we can’t which is very frustrating for us as well. https://play.google.com/about/promo-code-developer-terms.html

1.2 You agree that Promotional Codes have no cash value and that you will not sell or receive any payment in exchange for Promotional Codes.

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Is submitting to F-Droid an option?