What Is Correct Way To See/Use DokAny

Hi. I have upgraded to the latest Cryptomator, but now I can’t see DokAny in the list of options.

Actually, I have 3 machines… I see DokAny v2 on one of the machines, but not the other two.

No matter which order, uninstalling, reinstalling… can’t seem to “see DokAny” in the dropdown list.

Is there some trick???

Or, how can I make WinFsp work with the DOS CD command:

With DokAny, if I have a Cryptomator folder named X:\UT and do a “cd u*” and then TAB from the X:\ I would see a “completion” option of UT… but with WinFsp, the completion is broken unless I do “cd U*” (with a capital U).

For a command-line person, this is terrible.

Since I can’t get DokAny, I guess I’ll have to rename all my files/folders to LOWER CASE.

Cryptomator does not support dokany v2.x atm.
Please make sure you have version 1.x installed.

Ah, ok, thx… that explains my ignorance… much appreciated! : )