Very Slow Speed Accessing Unlocked Vault Files

I have a vault that I am able to unlock but navigating around the vault is very slow. It is worse with folders that have jpg files. For example, just to open a single jpg file can take 30-40 seconds. When I display the folder content with the option to show small images which has 2500+ pics it is never finishes as you can see it is working on each one individually taking just short of a minute for each one. I also tried opening a backup vault of the same and I am experiencing the same.

I am trying to copy the folder to my SSD to see if I can get to the picture I need. As I am copying the folder Cryptomator shows a large amount of green bars like it is unencrypting each file as it copies? I thought the files were unecrypted when you open the vault and you can see the file names? At that point it is just like seeing a file in windows explorer and you can navigate around. It has the same behavior in the copy as when I try to scroll down the pictures it is having to unecrypt each file in view which is taking an extremely long time.

I have not seen this before. Should I try uninstall Cryptomator and reinstall? I am on v1.4

The copy is indicating it will take over an hour to copy the 2500 pics. For the images that it has copied so far they average in size from a low of 1,000kb to 9,000kb. Nothing large.

After many hours of copying I finally stopped the process. I tried some other things for about 2 hours and then found some articles about WebDAV and Dokany. It was set to Dokany and I changed it to WebDAV and it opened the file in seconds. Also, within seconds I can view the pictures and actually page through them. I suppose I will have to read more about the difference and why you have to use one type for items like jpg versus other documents?

However, the good news I can view all of the pics with ease and I get on with my other chores.

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