Vaults no longer accessible

For a number of sub-versions, up to the current 1.4.11, my vaults are no longer accessible. After program launch, entering the password would display a ‘Command not successful’ message. The log says the issue could have something to do with the Dokany driver I use:

21:57:03.654 [Background Thread 2] INFO - Dokany version: 100
21:57:03.656 [Background Thread 2] INFO - Dokany driver version: 400
21:57:29.176 [JavaFX Application Thread] ERROR o.c.u.controllers.UnlockedController - Reveal failed.
org.cryptomator.ui.model.Volume$VolumeException: Reveal failed.

My OS is Windows 10 Home version 1809 build 17763.529.

Maybe this is a dokany compatibility problem.
See here:

Thank you for your help.
Unfortunately, I already use Cryptomator-1.4.11+114, as I stated. Out of pure desperation, I reinstalled Cryptomator for a number of times, and finally succeeded in accessing my vaults, at last.
But having updated to Dokany to (by removing the previous release, installing, and restarting Windows), the next issue occurs: while Cryptomator shows no problem with my vaults, my vaults are no longer accessible in the file manager (the drive does not display the vault’s name and is displayed empty). I had to reinstall Cryptomator-again-to be able to access my vaults.
Personally, I find this procedure quite complicated to a newbie to your program (I myself am a computer scientist), with your application being otherwise very clearly arranged. Maybe you find a way to automatically update all components in order to simplify the process to all users, not just newbies.