Vault unlocks, but doesn't mount. Possible FUSE issue

2019 iMac, i9, 128GB, Ventura 13.4 (22F66), Cryptomator 1.8.0 (dmg-4440).
I have two vaults; one auto unlocks, and the second requires the password. I’ve been having intermittent problems where they both unlock fine, but after a short period of time, the second one unmounts, and Cryptomator still shows it as locked. Sometimes I can force a lock and reopen, sometimes not.

I remembered encountering something like this a while ago using FUSE, and sure enough when I turned Debug on, there it was:

11:45:44.271 [Thread-131] ERROR o.c.frontend.fuse.ReadOnlyAdapter - statfs / failed.

I changed the volume type from Automatic to FUSE-T and had read/write permission errors, so I set it to WebDAV and have had no issues in the past two days.