Vault sync issues

I have a single vault in Google Drive. I sync to it from one Mac using the latest version of Cryptomator (1.3.2) and up until recently, I was able to open the vault from a second Mac and the files are all there and the same as in the first Mac.

Lately, however, new files in the vault (these are simple JPG images) are not visible on the 2nd Mac. In other words, when I open the vault on the first Mac, all the files are there, but on the 2nd, the same exact vault, same folder, those files are missing. How can that be, when both Mac Cryptomators are pointing to the same vault?

I’m not highly technical, but I’m thinking that Cryptomator must keep some kind of local directory and it is not being refreshed properly on the 2nd Mac. Is there anything I can do, short of uninstalling and reinstalling the app? Have others seen this problem?

Hi. Cryptomator does not the sync. It’s been done by GoogleDrive app. And the vault files are synced to your local drive by it, where you acces them with cryptomator.
Please make sure that the sync on both Macs are finished completely. Then all files should be available on all devices.

Wow, you are absolutely right. I had forgotten that, my google backup & sync app had stopped sync’ing. Thank you.