Vault files different between laptop and desktop

The files were perfectly synced, but after one particular update on my desktop PC, they no longer are. When I access the vault (on a cloud drive) from my laptop, I see all the old files, along with new files I’ve saved from the laptop.

On my desktop, I see all the old files, but any new files I save don’t show up when I try to view on the laptop and vice versa. The app on my phone behaves just like the desktop app.

On my cloud vault drive, I have a drive letter, along with:


Any advice on getting all my files in sync again. It’s a bit scary that this broke on me…


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since Cryptomator only encrypts your files, you should ensure your sync works correctly. Place a normal file in your cloud storage. Do you see this file on the other devices?

If so, investigate, if your cloud provider syncs only partially. Create a new vault and place some files inside. Do you see the vault an all files inside it also from the other devices?

These files are the actual masterkey and backups after each password change. Additionally, there needs to be a d folder present.

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Hmmm… So if I use Cryptomator Vault app on Desktop, it says “Reveal Drive G:”

That said on my Cloud drive, there is a D: folder present. I click on it and I get 5 different folders with 2 digit names like “VJ”. Only one of those folders has any files and they are all encrypted…

(Appreciate your help, I find this all a bit confusing.)

Ok, there is a misunderstanding in the concept of Cryptomator.

You have to differentiate between the storage location of you vault and its access point.

At the storage location the encrypted files and all additional info necessary to unlock the vault is stored. The storage location can be any path on your computer. Where the vault data is actually stored does not matter, as long as the filesystem can reach it.

At the access point of your vault you can browse the decrypted content. It is independent of the storage location and provides only a view, your data is never stored unencrypted.

In your case, the storage location is D:\. When you unlock your vault and click the “Reveal” button, the access point is opened.

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