Vault doesn't reveal in macos


I use cryptomator on my windows 10 (ok), on my iphone (ok) and on my macbook (macos 12 monterey, not ok). My vault is stored in onedrive.
On my mac, since i upgraded to macos12, when I reveal the vault, it just opens the first file, but that file looks empty (and it is not as it works well on other devices)
My onedrive is well synchronised, all the crypted files are here in my hard disk.

Is this a known bug or did i miss something ?

Hi. Did you check you macFUSE Version? If not latest, please update.
There are some reports that users have problems with monterey and older FUSE versions.

Ah yes it worked ! Thing is i didn’t know i needed to install something for compatibility.

Maybe it could be great to add a word in the download page of cryptomator for mac about it : “please install the latest version of macFUSE and configure “FUSE” in the options of cryptomator” and add the link to macFUSE :slight_smile:

Thank you Michael :slight_smile:

The thing is, that you can also use WebDAV.
Nevertheless, at the end of installation process there’s an information about that with recommended software and links. There’s already a discussion on GitHub to highlight this as it seems that people are not used to read the information given during installation process :wink:

haha indeed but as a matter of fact i didn’t have to reinstall cryptomator. It worked well with macos11 without fuse, and when i upgraded to macos12 i was not notified that i had to try FUSE to get cryptomator work again.

My first reflex was to reinstall cryptomator (that was not necessary in fact) and i didn’t read the recommendation that must have been shown with all legal matters and license thing that i never read when i install a trustfull software :slight_smile: My second reflex was to come here, and i would never have looked at github discussion because i’m not geek enough for that (i don’t even know what webdav and fuse do).

To improve user experience and to avoid disturb community for asking question as mine, I think it would be great to have information about FUSE and other “recommended softwares and links” in the download page, just because i think i am an average user of these kind of software and many people would act like me.

Valid point. And I have to admit I am not sure why after the update WebDAV seems not to work anymore. (but FUSE is anyway the better option)

Also a good point. Im sure the guys will think about that.