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Not really sure if I should open a new topic, so I’m “hijacking” this one as it has some different observations - but I can create one if needed.

So, is there a way to see the progress of the upload / download a file on Cryptomator 2.0? In my case, it just says “Waiting” and I feel that this is not how it should be - well, at least in my point of view, there should be some kind of progress bar / notification… I don’t know. This way, it just adds to my anxiety. :slight_smile:

@tobihagemann is this something that could be considered / done?

Otherwise, it works really well. Thank you!


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I am not 100% sure, but I think this is related to iOS.
Cryptomator is just the document provider.

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I’m guessing you’re right - but the “uploading file” dialog that we saw on V1 was a step that made sense and, now that it’s gone, I feel that somehow I’m a bit lost in the process of uploading stuff.

EDIT: thanks @Michael for moving the discussion to the right place.

Yeah, this is an unfortunate bug in the Files app (or in the File Provider extension because iCloud Drive works just fine but I assume they’re cheating). Download/upload progress is broken (if I recall correctly, it partially worked on iOS 11 but then just stopped working altogether).

There is even a more annoying bug with “Other File Provider”, where the “Waiting” status doesn’t update by itself even though the upload is complete. We’ve always assumed because it’s “too fast” or something like that but it’s just a wild guess.

We’ve already submitted several bug reports concerning the Files app. I’m not sure if we also reported this one though. If not, we’ll add it to the list.