Upgrade to 1.5.3 cannot create new vaults anymore


Today I have upgraded to v1.5.3, but I now have lost the option to create a new vault.
I get to the dialog in which the password needs to be specified (twice), and the creation of a recovery key has to be decided.
Regardless of what I do the “Create vault” button in the bottom right corner remains disabled.
This effectively stops me from creating a new vault.

Can someone please have a look at this please?


Hello to the Community :slight_smile:

I took the freedom to use your picture to give a little hint :wink:

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I guess that hint isn’t particularly obtrusive. :see_no_evil:

I guess you just did not plan on idiots like me confusing an error message to being just a hint… Sorry!
Thanks for your prompt help to resolve!
Feel free to close the issue, not sure whether I should.