Unlocking one vault unlocks another

First, thank for developing this. I love it.

Don’t feel like giving you guys my pass vault to get this sorted out… but to tell you my issue. I use Cryptomator vauls synced over Resilio. I use them for everything that needs encrypting, which since I use Resilio, is everything.

My password vault right now seems to have an error. It will not decrypt on my phone. The application just errors and freezes in a kind of hold. In fact, when I click on the vault to open it, it says error before I can even type in my password. So I hop on my computer to see what is up… The computer is a Windows 8.1 machine.

I type in my password in the vault and it lags for a minute, then the next vault, probably with the same password, opens.

That sounds… interesting.

Unlocking a vault without the password is intrinsically impossible. So far I see two possibilities here:

  1. The vault that opens has indeed the same password and a bug in the UI somehow manages to pass the typed-in password to a different vault. Theoretically possible as all vaults share a common viewcontroller with a shared state. This would depend on multiple race conditions, though which makes it nearly impossible to reproduce. Can you reproduce it reliably?

  2. The vault that opens has auto-unlock enabled and due to timing issues it appears as if it would open when you type in the password of a different vault after starting Cryptomator. Can you check your preferences?