"Unlock vaults when starting Cryptomator" Any recommneded setup?

I have two valuts, one for document and another for pictures. Today upon logon to my PC, my document vaults is completely empty. As for the pictures valut, it gives error 8V9J:7D8T:7D8T.

These vaults has my backups so I am not too conern with the above errors. However, this is the second time my entire vaults are destroyed and I wonder if I have any setup error.

My vaults are on my NAS, \RT\WebStorage\RealTimeSync\Crypto-Documents and \RT\WebStorage\RealTimeSync\Crypto-Pictures. These are set as “Unlock vaults when starting Cryptomator” and mapped to two drives. I have “FreeFileSync” running on my PC that would keep my local Documents folder and Pictures folder synced with the content in the vaults.

I normally do not lock these when I logout. I suppose Cryptomator would handles the logout/shutdown trigger to lock vaults. Am I correct?

I am still on version 1.6.1 . I will update.

Yes you are.

That’s good, but will not solve your specific problem.
You are facing this: https://github.com/cryptomator/cryptomator/discussions/2018
And this means that either your sync is messing something up, or something is deleting your encrypted vault files.
I recommend to check the sync configuration.

They sync is with the mapped drive(opened vault). Won’t it be that regardless of how the sync was completed, with or without error, it is Cryptomator responsibility to close the vault and ensure it integrity?

Also, one of the vault is completely deleted; I end up with a empty folder.

I did not mean the sync with your opened vault.
I meant the sync of your encrypted vault files with your NAS

Something is messing up the encrypted vault files.

There is actually no „close vault“ process. A file is written to the vault, cryptomator creates the encrypted files. That’s it. Unless the writing of the encrypted file is not interrupted, there’s no need to „close“ the vault. You can also shut down your pc. But ist safer to close the vault because IF a process is using your files in a vault, cryptomator will warn you. But this warning is all.

The empty folder can have various reasons. Vault structure damaged, password recovered with wrong key, files deleted, etc. anything in the log to this?

Would it be better to sync with the encrypted vault or the opened vault? I am doing “real-time” sync; I aim to have edited files from my PC synced to NAS ASAP.

I can’t see much from the log. I am sharing twto log files, one file is before the error occur.
cryptomator2.log (9.5 KB)
cryptomator3.log (4.3 KB)