Under ChromeOS, no icon when minimizing a running Cryptomator


Cryptomator, running via cryptomator.AppImage, seems to work fine under the Linux subsystem on my new Chromebook. I’ve configured a desktop icon for the program so it can be started by clicking on that icon on the Shelf.

After opening vaults, etc. I’d like to minimize Cryptomator. After clicking on the minimize button, Cryptomator does minimize BUT IT DOES NOT CREATE AN ICON ON THE SHELF FOR THE RUNNING PROGRAM. As a result, there doesn’t seem any way to bring up the running version of the program in case changes are to be made (e.g. another vault needs to be opened).

When the program is minimized, clicking on the original Cryptomator icon does nothing. My question, then, is: How can the running version of Crytomator be brought to the foreground so changes can be made?

Update: Typing alt-tab brings up the running copy of Cryptomator so changes can be made. Unfortunately, when Cryptomator is running under ChromeOS it seems very prone to “locking up” and the “kill” command must to used to terminate the program (which must then be restarted.) It’s not clear exactly what actions cause this “locking up”, but I’ll open a new topic about this after doing some more testing…

Thanks, Wayne

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