Unable to unlock offline vaults without internet access

Hi all,

I often have the issue that I am unable to unlock my offline vaults when I am traveling without internet access and when I haven’t unlocked the vault before (while I still had internet access). The issue does not appear, though, when I previously unlocked my vault while I was still online. So it seems to me that internet access is sometimes needed to unlock vaults, even if they are stored on an offline-accessible folder in the cloud, right? If so, then this really defeats the purpose of an offline-accessible vault and would be worth a software update, I think.

My setup is as follows: I use Cryptomator on Windows 10 to encrypt vaults on my Google Drive. I have one vault that I want to be accessible offline, i.e. stored/mirrored permanently on my hard drive but also backed up automatically to Google Drive whenever internet access is available, and one vault that is only accessible online, i.e. not taking up storage on my hard drive permanently but only downloaded/streamed when accessed.

Let me know what you think.

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In general, Cryptomator does not require internet connection for unlocking.

Depending on the virtual volume technology used, there may be some OS specific quirks: If your are using WebDAV, i can imagine that setups exist where Windows might have trouble without internet connection, since WebDAV is an internet protocol (although in the Cryptomator case no internet real internet connection is required). Also VPNs could be a problem cause.

Is some kind of error reported? or do you just have no access?

Thanks for the quick and helpful reply!

I use Dokany, not WebDAV. And the scenarios I remember were not while using VPN, but rather in the airplane etc.

I just tried reproducing the bug, but couldn’t. Next time it happens, I’ll make screenshots and share possible error codes etc. on this thread.