Unable to open vaults in google drive


First of all, thanks for starting this fantastic project. A huge step towards cloud services being of use for those of us who take our privacy seriously.

I’m trying to share a vault between android and ubuntu 16.04. On ubuntu, I installed cryptomator 1.3.1 from

I can create and use vaults on my local disk. But when I try to open a vault in google drive (which itself mounts just fine) by navigating “open existing vault” to the masterkey, what shows up as the vault name seems to be an encrypted folder name. The folder is empty in the file browser, and if I try to copy something to it, I get an error that there is not enough space on the drive. That is wrong.

What can I do to debug this? The log is huge, and I’m not sure if it contains any private info, so I’m not attaching.

Btw, I installed the oracle jre+sce 8. Then also 9 and switched to that. But as I understand, this should have no influence when using the .deb from the ppa.

Let me know what I can do. Thanks very much!!

This seems to be the gvfs bug in ubuntu 16.04. It works with ocamlfuse. Fantastic!