Unable to open vault created with cyberduck in iOS app

I downloaded the latest app but when trying to unlock my vault, I get this error.

The vault was created with cyberduck.io software. Not sure why this can’t decrypt but I don’t want to purchase till this is fixed.

Google Drive is being used here…

As the error said, the vault version is too old, or (for what reason) to new.

I assume that you are using the latest version of the iOS app (Cryptomator 2) and you are not using the old Cryptomator iOS app (1.0)

If I am wrong please switch and try again.

If I am right, please open the Masterkey.Cryptomator file in the root of your (encrypted) vault with a text editor. There you can find a value „version“. What does it say? Is it 999 or another number?

Mine says Version 8

“version”: 8,

Is there anyway I can fix this so that I can open my files on my pc and my iPhone?

It may have been a bug in Cyberduck. According to its changelog, it has been fixed in the latest version 8.2.3. I’m not sure if you have to create a new vault though.