Unable to install on Windows Server 2016


Since past few months i am not able to install cryptomator on windows server 2016. Before few months ago it was working perfectly fine but after updating to new version it gives me error that setup requires windows 10 or newer version. Is there any way to install it on windows server 2016? :unamused: @SailReal

Please help me. Thank you

No one knows anything about this?

Not a solution but information you might be interested in:

Thank you @Michael but now i have a question to cryptomator team if that is the case then why cryptomator claims to be better then boxcryptor? as far as i have been using boxcryptor it works on all operating systems without any limits. I am also donator of cryptomator as i believe in cause of securing your data but if we are being forced to use specific operating system by this cause then i think cryptomator team needs to think again about this. Just because you updated and turned a working software into trash will be end of it. People are not using only windows 10 or 11. They have windows 7, 8, 10, 11, Server 2012, 2016, 2019 if windows server is lacking anything functions to run cryptomator then how come it was running before? which means you have added something extra to turn cryptomator trash just because you cannot find a solution to make it work like other softwares. well i think there is nothing left here in cryptomator and my decision to use boxcryptor is better. just upgraded to 3 years subscription even i have donated to cryptomator also. Good Luck with the future and Bye from an old user of cryptomator.