The 'What is this directory.rtf' File

I noticed the file ‘WHAT IS THIS DIRECTORY.rtf’ in the Cryptomator directory explaining (rightly so) that you should not alter any files in the Cryptomator directory. Very good advice. However what about the ‘WHAT IS THIS DIRECTORY.rtf’ file itself. I know not to touch anything in the directory but can I remove that file?


Edit: Sorry, forgot to mention I am running Cryptomator Beta 1.50.

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Yes, you can remove it if you like to. It’s only purpose is to clarify that this directory is where encrypted files are generated, and not the unencrypted files should be saved at. There were some misunderstandings in the past for new users, so the team created this file.

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Excellent, thank you. I think I will remove them from my vaults. I’m pretty good at leaving the encrypted directories alone.


Haha well the file isn’t yet final. :smiley:

Especially the “If you need help, try” part is currently just a placeholder. It will later link to our online documentation.

Also, we think it should be a shorter filename like README or HELP… And maybe it might be worth noting that the file itself can safely be removed.