The Iphone Cryptomator App refuses the Password


I used cryptomator to crypt my data on my laptop (Windows 10).
I used the file masterkey.cryptomator to raise the reader (I have had to add the virtual disk Dokany to use it).
My data is synchronised on onedrive.
Now I want to decrypt my data on my Iphone.
I can only select the file vault.cryptomator on the Iphone Cryptomator App, ant it refuses the Password.

Do you have a solution?

Is there an error message or does Cryptomator just “shake” the screen? In the latter case, the password is wrong. Is there anything “special” about your password?

Cryptomator just shake the screen.

I am absolutely sure about my password, I confirmed with a copy / stuck without result.
I used several special characters.

So I changed my password on the windows laptop for one without special character.
No result, the iPhone app doesn’t work better.

I remark, when I change my password only the « masterkey file » changes but not the « vault ». Despite the iPhone app use only the « vault ».

Where is you vault located? Are you sure that the cloud is in sync?

Could you please create a new vault with a very simple password and check if that works between Windows and iOS?

That’s correct behavior. The vault.cryptomator file shouldn’t change. After changing the password, only masterkey.cryptomator should change. The iOS app also uses the masterkey file for unlocking the vault (even though you selected the vault file). That shouldn’t be the issue.

Thank you tobihagemann,
That’s working yet!

I starded with a long password with lot special characters. When I simplified after a rejection, it didn’t work.
But after deleting and simplying password: that’s work!

Probably the character ‘ doesn’t work on the Iphone application.

Special characters can be problematic if they’re not exact. For example, there is a difference between (unicode character U+2018) and ' (unicode character U+0027). It could be keyboard/language specific and there might be a difference between Windows and iOS to how an apostrophe is rendered.

Might be even related to: