Test data for encryption implementation


I am trying to implement a small tool to do some encryption/decryption on a cryptomator vault. I am following https://cryptomator.org/security/architecture/ and the source code (cryptomator lib, fs and sanitizer).
But I am using C#, not Java. Now, I have some trouble just with decrypting file and directory names. I am not even sure whether my KEK and encryption/mac key are alright.
Is there any test data available, for instance with a known password, mac, salt and cleartext name to verify my implementation?


Hi Christoph,

to test your KEK implementation, the following unit test might help:

Basically this contains the ciphertexts of all-zero encKey, macKey and salt using the password “asd”.

Once you have verified the correctness of your key derivation function, feel free to tell us any problems you have with the file names or contents! :slight_smile:


thanks a lot - this is exactly what I was looking for, I will give it a try!