Syncing Unencrypted Folder With Cloud Vault


After weeks of uploading, I now have 8TB worth of vaults uploaded onto my Google Drive.
I want to continue working on my local unencrypted folders and be able to sync them to the GDrive vaults.

Does anybody know the best way to do this?

I have tried using Cyberduck but every time I sync a local folder with a vault, I can’t upload changes only. Cyberduck tries to upload the whole folder and creates duplicates of everything instead (I assume because the encrypted filenames are different)

I only want my cloud storage encrypted and don’t want to manually update individual files. There must be a way to sync these. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas!


Im using the sync function of cyberduck as well and for me this works as expected. Cyberduck is only transferring changed files. But If you have troubles with cyberduck you shout contact their support:

Hi Michael,

Are you syncing with a vault on your local drive? Or with unencrypted files?
If I had a vault setup on my drive it would work correctly but I want my local drive unencrypted.


Hi Joe :slight_smile:

I am syncing with local unencrypted files. The vault I am connecting to with cyberduck is only stored online. No vault files on my local machine. I then sync the local, unencrypted files directly in the vault. And in the process monitor I see that cyberduck is comparing every file and only uploading the local ones that are different from the online files or not existing in the online vault.

Okay thanks for this! Glad to know it can be done - I think I’m just making some odd mistakes along the way trying to get it working.

I think the duplicates issue was because I was uploading and choosing (skip) rather than the synchronize (upload) method.

When you hit synchronize does it say ‘Prepare’ for each file for ages? I could leave a 2tb folder synchronizing and hours later it’s still only in the ‘Prepare’ stage - do you know of any way to speed this up?

Thanks again,

20 minutes ago I tried to sync my unencrypted music folder with my vault (42gb) and it’s still on preparing

It’s been about an hour and a half and it’s still ‘Preparing’. This is crazy long for just 40GB worth of music… How will I be able to keep my 8000GB worth of work synched :sleepy:

It just finished ‘Preparing’ and now it’s on ‘Compute MD5 hash’. 3 hours since I hit synchronize.
Just an FYI, this test is only with 2x extra songs being synced to the vault.

Sync completed at 11:30pm.

End result - adding 2 new songs to a 42GB Folder containing just mp3’s and wavs took roughly 8 hours when syncing to a Cryptomater vault using Cyberduck.

@Michael : You are a star. I am impressed with your knowledge and you are always here to help. Thank you.

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Hey @ImJoeO and @Michael,
Is there any update on using CyberDuck? Does it get faster in subsequent syncs? Mine has been going file by file in “Preparing” mode for quite some time. Is Cyberduck a viable solution, or should I keep looking for a solution?

I didn’t use the sync for quite a while now. But you can test it. Just install cyberduck and try out. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I still use cyberduck to push files into an online only vault once in a while, and do not face any issues.

Thanks @Michael. Unfortunately CyberDuck worked for hours last night preparing a sync. When I opened my laptop this morning, it was trying to start over. :man_facepalming:

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