Sync with Nexcloud leads to conflicted files where local copy is 0 byte

Hi everyone,

I today experienced an issue where I am simply not sure if anything is going wrong or if this is expected behaviour. I sync a vault using nextcloud. I had to updated my nextcloud client today and afterwards somehow had to setup the folder connections again. So far so good and no problem.

However, during the initial “sync” conflicts appeared for the crpytomator vault files. Specifically, some files appeared as conflicts, where the local version has size 0 bytes. Usually, since the local version is the one I work with and since I use it currently with only one client, I would have just accepted the local copy. However, I am hesitant since the conflicted files are all 0 bytes. Therefore the very concrete question:

Is it possible that during the normal operation of Cryptomator existing vault files (vs files in the vault) are reduced in size to 0 bytes, but still exist?

Any info on this is highly appreciated! Thanks lot!

Hi. No that’s not as it should be.
The local files and the online files should be exactly the same after sync.
Even if there’s a conflict, the files should not have 0 KB.
So something was messed up by nextclouds App during sync.
If the files stored online are still ok, you should try to restart the sync and accept the online files for any conflict.
Or you download the complete vault manually and add it again to Cryptomator and thus do the initial „sync“ without the nextcloud app.

Thanks a lot for your reply! That is disconcerting and I will probably have to create a diff between the Vaults to see what is missing. Anyway, thanks!