Support for SFTP

Can cryptomator be used with SFTP (like WebDAV)?

The vault will be on an SFTP server. It will be opened client side by cryptomator.

The SFTP server information is entered in the cryptomator app (not via a third party app).

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Hi. No that’s not possible.

its possible with mountain duck, i don’t know why michael gives such short handed anwsers.
to have it work out of the box with sftp would be very useful, devs should look into this and put it on the road map!

That’s not how Cryptomator currently works. Cryptomator doesn’t “know” anything about servers and connections, it just unlocks a vault on your file system (and your file system or third party apps that also work on your file system “know” something about servers and connections).

You are actually requesting a feature with a fundamentally different approach. Could be something for the future but it’s not on our immediate roadmap.