Support for OneDrive "File-on-Demand" feature

There are quite a few reports here about customers having issues with OneDrive because Cryptomator does not support the Files-on-Demand feature of OneDrive.
However, on each occasion the Cryptomator team has always referred to the “solution” as; you need to turn off Files-on-Demand.
Not on any one occasion has the Cryptomator team given any sign that they are working on supporting the Files-On-Demand feature. I find it frustrating that the team can not make any committed statement as to what is happening with support for this or simply that it is not possible to support this feature.

So, please, Cryptomator Team, what is your plan!!??.
Will Files-On-Demand be supported in OneDrive, and if yes, when will it be implemented?
Please inform your customers of the future of this.


This is a known issue documented on GitHub:

It needs to be supported by the underlying I/O subsystem, which is currently not the case. This problem might be solved in Java 9, but we can not currently use it, as we depend on Dagger, which didn’t get an update to restore compatibility yet.