Strange GUI problem via Remote Desktop (RDP)

I’m launching Cryptomator on remote PC where I’m connected to via Remote Desktop. I can view the main window as well as settings.
After disconnecting and reconnecting (RDP again) the tray icon menu appears to be okay, but the main window cannot be shown at all, settings is empty (white) and the close confirmation dialog seems to be empty as well. However, it works, when I press TAB to change the button and the Enter to execute the action: Cryptomator is closed.
This is in 1.5.0 as well as 1.5.1

Edit: Btw, settings and close dialog are white even with dark theme. Maybe this helps to track it down.


similar behaviour has also been reported here:

This seems to be related to resuming a session from hibernation on Windows. So far we have no clue what is different from normal reboot. I guess there is some incompatibility between the UI toolkit we’re using and the graphics configuration.