[Solved] Unable to drag and drop unlocked Vault from OneDrive onto Mac OS desktop

Hey privacy friends:

I’m using Cryptomator 1.16.13 on Apple Silicon. The Vault successfully opens when I enter the passphrase.When I navigate to the vault from “localhost” in Finder, all my files are decrypted. However, I am unable to drag the vault to the desktop (I do this every couple of days to compress and create a local backup) and receive the following error message:

The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code 100004).

None of the files will copy to the desktop. It is like they permanently live in the cloud. What gives?

Stupid me. I figured it out:

Cryptomator must have been pulling from some locally stored copy of the encrypted vault. This is because OneDrive wasn’t even signed in! Ha. Okay, so once I logged into OneDrive app then re-opening the encrypted vault through Cryptomator, finally I was able to drag and drop the folder back onto my dekstop.