[SOLVED] Not able to open one Vault in Windows - but can do so in Ubuntu Linux

I have 3 Vaults in the cloud, 2 that I can open in both Ubuntu 18.04.1 and Windows 10 (Dropbox & Google Drive), but the 3rd (pCloud) is of recent only opening in Ubuntu Linux.

Please advise.

as always, which version of cryptomator are you using? and i guess from your descriptionn that you can’t open the 3rd vault under windows.
What is cryptomator saying when you try to open the 3rd vault?
Is the vault locally stored and synced with pCloud or are you trying to access it directly (over some interface)? And you can always have a look at the debug log and watch out for exceptions and errors.

Windows 10 - Cryptomator 1.3.4 // Ubuntu 18.04.1 - Cryptomator 1.3.2 (the latest versions for each OS)

Since booting back into Windows 10 the situation seems to have resolved itself, this was not the case earlier. But have now tested the Vault a few times and all appears fine.

The Vault is stored in the cloud with pCloud. With the Dropbox & Google Drive I have synced the Vaults with my local drive so that I can access them if I should be offline - a very unlikely scenario.

Thanks for your help!

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