Slowdowns and Benchmarks


I`m new to the wonderfull world of Cryptomator.
So far really impressed with the software.
Never the less I got some speed issues:

I got an Odroid N2 connected to a Seagate Backup plus
It`s connceted via Ethernet cable to the Router
Router via ethernet cable to my windows PC.

When using the dokany protokoll i got some real S l o w d o w n s. . .
the transferrerate drops under 100kbps.

So i started to run some Benchmarks to see what could be the souce of the trouble
here are some results:

All Benchmarks measured in MBps:

  1. I tested the R/W for the HDD itself using the dd command:
    Odroid: 189 / 145
    PC: 180 / 180

  2. then i tested R/W for the samba LAN connection (using LAN Speed Test - Totusoft):
    PC to Odroid: 106 / 9

  3. now i started to benchmark the Cryptomator protokolls:
    dokany: 73/9
    webdav: 408/298

since i need to move bigger data then 4GB webdav is no option. I will try to install a real Gbit switch, not the provider modem for testing purposes.
but still i dont really get the 100KBps slowdowns. any idea what also can creat the imense decreses?

ty for your help :slight_smile:
kind regards Fabian

Hi Fabian,

I don’t know the hardware you mentioned, but anyhow: Did you benchmark writing many small or a few huge files?

There are still a few performance penalties when it comes to handling a lot of small files concurrently. This can be tuned by setting some custom Dokany flags under advanced options, though.

However, writing larger files (> 1 MB) should give you a throughput in at least tens of MB/s.

Thank you for the reply.
Did some more testing:

Thread count didn`t change anything in our setup.
We tested an directory with 10.000 elements (2,42 GB total)


  1. Local write: 100 MB/s

  2. Unencrypted transfer via LAN from win 10 to Linux (samba protocol); 2-4MB/s

  3. Same but encrypted; 600-800kB/s

  4. Listing unencryped directory contend loaded instantly.

  5. Listing encrypted makes win 10 time out.

Seems like there are 2 different kinds of issues:

  1. Directory listing listing.
  2. Data transfer protocol (prob WINS and not directly related to cryptomator?)