Shutting down the pc loses mount point

Greetings! In order to mount a Crytpomator volume to a custom mount point on the filesystem, one has to create a directory and set that as mount point at the application. When unlocking the volume, the directory is being converted into a symbolic link to the contents of the drive. So far, so good. If you lock the drive, the symbolic link gets converted again into an empty directory. This also goes if you shut down forcefully Cryptomator while having a vault open.

BUT… if you shut down the operating system, the application may lock the vault but doesn’t convert the symbolic link into a directory again, and is unable to remount it upon restart, unless you delete the symbolic link manually and recreate the directory. Any other way to workaround this issue without having to manually lock down open vaults before shutting down OS?

Not as far as i know. I also couldn’t find another workaround, all search results in the internet just explained how you remove a junction point, not how to “recover” a directory.