Shared cryptomator folder doesn't update for Mac users

On a Mac, if the user views a file in a cryptomator vault that is stored in dropbox, after they have closed the file it somehow remains open to the operating system. If at this time a windows user accesses the same file in the same vault via dropbox and makes changes to the file, the file WILL NOT be updated on the Mac unless the Mac user first locks the vault again. However, they will not be able to lock the vault again as the Mac is holding the file open to the operating system after the user viewed it, so the Mac user will have to first eject the mounted vault which forces the file closed, and then the vault can be locked. Once they unlock the vault the file will update as long as they don’t view the file before the update is finished.

If we extend that experiment further and after the windows user modifies the file, the Mac user also modifies the file before ejecting and locking and unlocking the vault, the Mac changes will overwrite the Windows’ users changes.

This makes syncing files between Mac and Windows impossible via cryptomator.