Setup Cryptomator -> Cryptomator Container - HELP ;-)



I am a cryptomator newbie and would like to use Cryptomator to encrypt files in my cloud. These are about 100 GB of documents, drawings and other professional stuff (for my Job).

Now my question:

Does it make sense for my cloud to set up a container (by Dokany, so as a virtual drive) and put all the files there? Or do you use multiple containers (in a cloud)? For example, a container for documents, one for drawings, one for music, etc. etc. Which way is the better?

Is there any restrictions on the container (size or horse performance)? Or is he completely free?

I would like to use the solution in a meaningful and effective way and not afterwards realize that I have to start over again.

I look forward to your feedback.

Many thanks for that and many greetings!


PS. What do I have to do to start Cryptomator automatically (Windows 10?). Just put the exe in the startup?



It’s up to you. There is no “better way”. I use one big vault because I do not want to enter multiple passwords for multiple vaults.




Hey Michael! Thank you for your message. That helped me a lot already.

I will lay a big container and you’re done.

With the startup is great.

Do I have to pay attention to anything? File name or similar, so everything is processed correctly?

And if I shut down the PC, do I have to manually close CM manually by hand? Is that enough? Or is a data loss or the like in the case of shutdown without prior closing preprogrammed?

Thanks again and best regards from NRW.


No you don’t have to close the vault before shutting down your pc. Please keep in mind that the sync of your encrypted files to your online storage takes some time. Depends on your connection and your sync client.

I do not care about file names.