Setting for automatic unlocking and drive letter reassignment

Hi everyone. I am a new Cryptomator user and am evaluating the software to see if it suits my needs. I see from another post that unlocking and mounting can be done automatically but I cannot find anything in preferences to allow me to do that. Where would that option be located? I would also know if I can change the drive letter assigned to the unlocked and mounted folder. Thanks.

You can do that in the “Vault Options”:

Thank you. Found the setting and it works well. I would still like to know if the drive letter for the virtual drive can be changed. I need the drive letter to be higher and fixed if possible.

That should be possible. Check out the “Mounting” tab. I know, these are Mac screenshots in the aforementioned link but on Windows, there should be an option to choose a drive letter.

Once I found that I had to relock the vault to get to options it was easy. Thanks again! I think this is going to be the way to go for encrypting files across windows and android. Easier than Boxcryptor and less expensive!

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