Security of cryptomator desktop

I am new to cryptomator and have 2 questions regarding the Desktop App mainly (I do not know if it applies to the other ones). Also I am no expert on these topics (that’s why I ask), so if I misunderstood something please let me know.

As far as I understand cryptomator acts as a Server providing some kind of network share that Windows then uses.
If I understand it correctly, it is only accessible by localhost, so the machine it runs on. Is this correct? Does it have any Security/Privacy risks when using some kind of Lan with potentially untrusted parties (Enterprise/Public Wifi as an example)? In other words: Is it possible for other users to access the data in the cryptomator vault?

The second question is regarding this post:

There it is discussed that Websites may be able to access Lan/Localhost through scripts as far as I understand. (I do not understand the post fully). Is this a concern regarding cryptomator?

Thank you :slight_smile: