Save a file on iPhone

hello, I downloaded the app and I’m currently testing it. So far, everything looks really good! But if I save a file (for example, an e-mail attachment) the note “upload file high” does not close. also, the app (email) must quit to close the hint. that is super annoying! Can someone adjust that? Why is that? The use of the app is not possible. Thank you!

Hi. What email client do you use? Which storage provider?
I tried to reproduce that with the iOS standard email client and a third party client, and for me it worked quite fast, even with bigger attachments.

I downloaded the app and tested it. There is however a bug, I opened a new topic for this ;-( Saving from the menu basically works.

Hi, thanks for your answer. I use the standard e-mail client from Apple and Strato HiDrive.

one more question: is this German or English speaking? :wink: