Same File in Multiple Vaults?

Hi, i am a new user to cryptomator,

Im currently using the program for my google drive files, and one of the features that made me choose drive over onedrive, is that you normally on the app have the option to have a file in more than one “album”/“folder” at a time, without having to duplicate the file.

So what i am asking is would you still be able to acces this feature if you backup your files with cryptomator?, whether it would be that you’re able to do it on drive or in a cryptomator vault.

However i was wondering if any other user of cryptomator with google drive, would be able to help, because i really like that feature and i am not sure if i am willing to sacrifice it for the use of cryptomator.

No that’s not possible. This feature requires that google can identify this particular file/photo and link to it from various folders. Cryptomators purpose is zero knowledge to the provider about your files. So google cannot identify the files inside a vault.

Thats makes sense, well thank you for the answer anyway :))

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