Run program minimized


I recently installed this program however I want to know if there is a way to run the program minimized and if possible prevent Windows from opening new windows for each vault each time I log in and the program automatically maps the files. I have tried using a shortcut from the Startup folder and adding /min etc to the target like a number of other Windows applications would do.
I did see a link in another sort of related post about a cli which is in development which may be an option but the github page makes no mention of using it on Windows.

Thank you in advance.

Currently, there is no way in starting the application minimized. See feature request:

Before you unlock the vault, press “More Options” and deactivate “Reveal Drive”.

It’s already possible but it’s true that an example is missing for Windows. We may add that later.

Ok thank you that answered my queries. How about Minimizing to the tray? It makes mention of that in the same issue you linked so can I assume it is an up and coming feature?

If you have at least one vault unlocked, you can close the window (press the X button) and Cryptomator will run in the background.