Run Cryptomator in two user sessions

Would it be possible to modify the app, so one can start the app twice? I have two user accounts, and I switch between them. But I cannot open Cryptomator at the same time on both accounts.

So could this be corrected?

Haven’t thought about this yet. The second instance talks via TCP to the first instance and shuts itself down, if communication succeeded. In order to change this, we need a user-local communication protocol. (Unix sockets are not an option on Windows…)

Moving this issue to Development category.

Thank you for your reply on this. Really hope it will be possible some day. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work.

PS: Schönen Tag noch!

Isn’t named pipes what you are looking for? I did not get the problem, but at least named pipes are the thing that comes close to sockets :wink: If they works from different user accounts – i don’t know.

Adding my request to sto’s. I am also in a similar situation - would be really nice to be able to use this wonderful product in two separate accounts on the same machine simultaneously.

Also a related question. I read about some other apps that can also decrypt and mount a Cryptomator Vault. Is it possible that I use Cryptomator in one account and one of these other apps in another account simultaneously? Which other apps would or would not work?