Run Cryptomator 1.5.x on a 32 bit platform

Is there a plan to develop Cryptomator 1.5.x for a 32 bit platform? I still have an old laptop that only runs on this platform. However, there has been no development for this for a long time and maybe it’s to much work for a platform witch is running out. The only pity is that otherwise I cannot migrate to the 1.5.x version with my other computers.

Thanks for an answer

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See here

I had the same question. Cryptomator 1.5 seems to run on java, no? Does that make it any easier to provide it for 32-bit machines?

Yes, in theory you can still build it on 32 bit machines, but it will lack features that require native libraries, such as storing the password.

Since we want to offer a consistent feature set, we don’t officially support it, but building it should be feasible by a simple mvn package -Prelease.