"Rubbish"? What is this hidden folder for?


I discovered a hidden folder in my vault by the (clear!) name “Rubbish”. It contains many subfolder with names that look like time stamps to me. Each of them seems to have a single file (filename encrypted) of size about 21-22k.

What is this folder, can I just delete it? How did it come about?



What operating system are you on? If applicable, what cloud storage service are you using? Cryptomator doesn’t create a hidden folder called “Rubbish” so it’s probably something from the OS or cloud.

Thank you. I am on Win-10-64, all latest versions.
In that case, I’ll just delete the whole tree.
I am syncing the vault to a number of cloud drives and I suspect you are right, one of them might have created that folder tree.

If deleting it causes issue, I’ll report back.



OK, just to close this: deleting the hidden subfolder “Rubbish” does not cause issues, it seems.

Thanks you.

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