Remove cryptomator ubuntu 18.04

I cant find a way to remove cryptomator
I like to use it from my usb drive better than from my desktop
How do i remove the app

How did you install it in the first place?

Via the ppa? Then it should just be a simple apt-get remove cryptomator.

The appimage can be started from any place. Moving it to the usb drive should be all you need to do.

Yes i did i just dit it again and used your solution, but it says in the terminal no account privelage and something like var/lib/frontend etc

Can you please post the exact error message?

I may be wrong, but isn’t this a case of unsufficient user rights?

Every user account on a system has certain rights. For installing and removing software you need administrator/root (on linux also called super user) privileges. Hence, to remove the software you need the password of an administrator.
If have you got one,

  1. execute the command sudo apt-get remove cryptomator,
  2. enter the admin password when asked for and
  3. hit the enter key.