Redirect Windows My Documents

New user to Cryptomator. Really love it so far. Moved my current contents of My Documents to the vault. Now, ideally wish to redirect Win 10’s folder redirection so everything understands it’s now my user profile’s new location for documents. Big bummer is that it’s not supported to move it to a different volume from the C: volume as it can block future upgrades and other maladies. More here).

Of course, technically the data itself is within OneDrive’s directory structure, it’s the fact that it presents it as a virtual drive of sorts and if I try, it gives me access denied. Could force via the registry, but then really getting into unsupported configuration. This unfortunately would suck as no data is back in that former location :frowning:

Anyone get around this challenge?


I cannot recommend to set the user documents directory into a vault.

Appreciate the reply!

Right, that’s exactly what’s not supported as I understand. Just about every MSFT app or the OS itself relies on these remaining as installed to reside on the C: volume. Relocating them to the virtual mounted revealed vault drive is just not supported. Without the way of doing that, it makes it tough to be able encrypt existing data I have.:frowning:

I love your app and really want to use it.

Hi, any more thoughts on how to handle?

thx again