Recent update breaks OneDrive personal

I just received an update to Cryptomator and the release notes indicated that I’d have to log back into my OneDrive account. When I try to open my container it opens Microsoft Authenticator but it filters out everything but my work Azure AD account. It does not list my personal Microsoft account so I cannot sign in to access my container. Help.

Authentication via Microsoft Authenticator is indeed new (I’m using it as well). I must admit, it’s quite weird that Microsoft Authenticator filters out the personal account. Just tried it here as well. However, in the “Pick account” screen, you can tap the “+” button at the top right and select your personal account there. Does that work for you?

Thank you, that worked.

I have the same problem, but the suggested solution doesn’t work. When clicking the + button top roght I see for a very brief moment a white screen and then I’m back to the primary dialog from Cryptomator for adding OneDrive (Tap here to add an account). Hen tapping + i get again the Authenticator (locked) which has to be unlocked with Face ID. Then the circle is complete.

Any other ideas how to get this to work or help someone debugging this?